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            Our foundation and flat work involved six phases of construction. First our trusted friends at M&M Excavating, Inc. prepared our site by carving and digging the side of the mountain, with great precision. Following this M&M set our perimeter drainage pipes and laid 6 inches of a crushed stone footing bed to exact specifications. Secondly, Superior Walls of Jointa Lime arrived to set our prefabricated foundation wall system. These wall panels were set and stacked in place to form the base of our home. Upon completion of the Superior Walls installation, M&M returned for phase three, the back filling of the frost walls up to below slab grade, with a layer of 3" stone, then 2" stone. M&M also installed our floor drains and the pre-cautious, perimeter Radon vent pipes, at this stage. M&M topped off the interior stone with 6" of clean compacted sand, and set our lolly column pads in preparation of our in slab radiant heat system and basement plumbing system. Phase four involved the installation of our in slab waste lines by HB Plumbing, and the installation of 2" perimeter and below slab foam board installation, wire mesh, and the radiant floor tubing by ourselves. Phase five was the installation of the slab pour, construction of 2 exterior retaining walls, and 15 deck pier footings, by the finest and fastest growing concrete company in all of Vermont, C&M Concrete. For phase six, we saw the return of M&M to back fill the exterior walls to outside grade level.

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