After investigating several different methods, and products to insulate the non-Log portions of our home, we decided on using a Polyurethane

Closed Cell spray foam. Besides the higher R Values we would achieve using this method, we would also be isolating the home from air

Infiltration and moisture, due to the expansion sealing, high tensile strength, and low water absorption properties of this product . In effect,

We would be creating an air tight/water tight envelope wherever we used this product.

With 6" of foam in the Roof system we could expect a R-44 insulation value, as well as up to 50% increase in the strength of the roof system itself.

With 3" of foam in the dimensional lumber Gable end we could expect a R 22 Value (far exceeding the normal R13 achieved with fiberglass batting).

In the Superior walls foundation system (Basement & Garage) which already contained a R-5 Value due to the incorporated 1" rigid foam board, the additional

3" R-22, would bring us up to a total of R 27 Value. Thank you, New England Foam & Coating for your expert installation, and for keeping us Warm & Toasty!

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