March 17, 2004:  Signed up with Northeast Radiant Technology, LLC to design our Radiant Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing systems.
March 25, 2004:  Orders placed with 84 Lumber for building materials, doors, and windows.
March 31, 2004:
  Signed up with Porterbilt Company, Inc. to build our Railings.
April 06, 2004:
  Log manufacturing process begins.
April 16, 2004:  Signed up with New England Foam & Coating for our insulation, installation.
April 13, 2004:  Signed up with AC Cook Electric.
April 18, 2004:  Signed up with C & M Concrete for our slab, retaining walls, and pier footings.
April 18, 2004:  Signed up with New England Guaranty Insurance Co. for our builders/homeowners insurance.
April 21, 2004:  Signed up with Cota & Cota to supply our LP energy needs.
May 5, 2004:  We launch Otter's Run the Web Site.
May 24, 2004:  We break ground for the foundation construction.
May 27, 2004:  Thanks to the great efforts of AC Cook Electric, CVPS, TDS, and Parker Water Wells, we now have temporary power, water, and phone service at the site.
May 28, 2004:  Superior Walls installation begins, completed on June 3rd.
May 29, 2004:  Extensive road repair begins
June 4, 2004:  Our first Log Truck arrives from Montana.
June 5, 2004:  Interior back fill completed.
June 7, 2004:  HB Plumbing installs the in slab waste drain system
June 7, 2004:  Our first 84 Lumber Truck arrives from New York.
June 7, 2004:  Our Builder JC Schultz & Sons Custom Log Homes arrive from New York.
June 11, 2004:  Steel and Sub Floor installed.
June 12, 2004:  The first Logs are set.
June 12, 2004:  We begin to install the below slab foam board insulation.
June 18, 2004:  The Logs have reached the 2nd floor, and the Builders take a one week break, awaiting the completion of the flat work.
June 19, 20, & 21, 2004:  We install the wire mesh, and in slab Radiant tube system. Pressure test passes with flying colors, thanks to the great design work of Northeast Radiant Technology.
June 24, & 25, 2004:  C & M Concrete pours the slab, retaining walls, and deck pier footings.
June 25, 26, & 28, 2004:  M & M Excavating completes the exterior back filling.
June 28, 2004:  Our builders return to take the Logs to the roof system and beyond.
July 3, 2004:  Our builders raise the purlins and trusses.
July 20, 2004:  Our electrician begins the rough-in.
July 20, 2004:  New England Foam arrives to spray the roof.
July 20, 2004:  The finished roof begins.
August 2, 2004:  Metal Roof installation and final exterior construction begins.
September 4, 2004:  JC leaves for the last time.
September 4, 2004:  We take over on the finish work.
September 22, 2004:  Upper Valley Stove completes our fireplace installation.
October 9, 2004:  Under fit Radiant installation begins.
October 30, 2004:  Radiant control board construction begins.
November 1, 2004:  Country Side installs the Security System.
December 8, 2004:  Cota & Cota delivers the heating equipment.
December 17, 2004:  Water Guard installs the water filtration system.

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