This is our bridge, it was a year in the making. A year filled with heartaches and headaches, anguish and joy, triumphs and challenges. Now that it is complete, we cherish its existence for it is the only way to access the 22.2 acres that is "Otter's Run". It separates us from the rest of the world, and it allows us to be in peace and harmony with all of the wonderful creatures, from the mighty Northern Moose to the gentle Rock Wall Mountain Lions, (that's chipmunks to you) that call our home, their home too. As you can see from the welcome page, we take our bridge seriously, and we will defend the bridge until the last McAlister is left standing.

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This bridge of concrete, steel and wood, could not have been built, if it were not for the efforts of so many that supported and helped us along the way. We can never repay or thank those of you enough for all of your kindness and all you have done for us! We dedicate this bridge to all of you. With all of our appreciation and thanks to;
Mike O, Steven M, Frederick, Mike A, Rosemary, Pam, Patrick, Steve A, Robyn, Rose, Sal, Ray, Daniel, Linda, Eric, Ken, Nick, Chris, Mary, Pete, Jeffrey, and all of the esteemed members of the DRB. I know I must have driven you all crazy that year, but if not for you all, I would not have survived the ordeal. And to our life long friends Mike & Gayle, what can I say, thank you , just doesn't say enough,
we love you both dearly!

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