February 02, 2001:  We start toying with ideas and start drawings for our future Log home.
February 22, 2002:  While on ski Vacation in VT. We decide it's time to buy land for our future Log home.
February 27, 2002:  We email 30 VT. Realtors with our requirement list.
April 24, 2002:  Found our land, and make and offer.
May 03,2002:  Signed contracts, and the fun begins.
May 16, 2002: Applied for Stream Alteration Permits with VT.DEC, and the US Army Corps of Engineers, for Culvert bridge to cross the Grant Brook. (Culvert was eventually denied)
July 09, 2002:  Submit new plans for a concrete, steel, and wood Bridge to meet VT. State water quality requirements.
July 12, 2002:  State approved Bridge permits received.
July 22, 2002:  Filed application for Bridge building permits with the Town of Ludlow VT.
August 02, 2002:   US Army Corps letter of non jurisdiction arrives
August 03, 2002:  Bridge appeal process begins with the VT. Water Resources Board.
August 12, 2002: VT. Water Resources Board Hearing, appeal dismissed with prejudice.
October 21, 2002:  Ludlow Development Review Board site visit and Hearing. Variance approved behind closed door secession.
November 25, 2002:  Closed on the property.
January 23, 2003:  We contact Montana Timber Structures to build our Log home.
January 28, 2003:  We contact Taron Design to produce our construction plans.
February 27, 2003:  We contact JC Schultz & Sons to build our Log home.
May 21, 2003:  Site meeting with VT. State stream alteration engineer, and M&M excavation to address bridge installation details.
June 9, 2003:  M&M Excavating & Steven Moore Construction begin the installation of the Bridge.
July 08, 2003:  Contact Alan Regier, site engineer, to review surveys and help relocate the home site.
July 19, 2003:  New home site location found, thanks to Alan Regier
July 30, 2003:  Road construction begins to new home site, 1093 feet from Bridge.
August 01, 2003:  Home site clearing begins.
November 20, 2003:  New Septic System permit approved.
November 28, 2003:  Installation of Utility Line Extension, and power to the home site begins.
December 09, 2003:  Septic system installation begins.
December 27, 2003:  Water well installation process begins. 705 feet and hydra-fractured.
January 03, 2004:  Home building permit process begins.
February 05, 2004:  Home building permits approved, and issued.
February 27, 2004:
  Signed up with Superior Walls of Jointa Lime for our foundation.
March 12, 2004:  Signed up with HB Plumbing & Heating.

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